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  4th edition of the AFNeT Standardization Days
5th (09H00-18H00)– 6th (09H00-17H00) of June 2019
at Hamelin Space in Paris.
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Wednesday 5th of June
8H30 : Welcome coffee
9H30 : Welcome & Introduction
9H50 : Keynote: Airbus commitment on PLM interoperability and digital information
Jean-Pierre Souzy (Airbus)

10H15 : Keynote: French industry cooperation on digital standards:
Pierre Faure (AFNeT)

11H00 : coffee break
11H15 : AFNeT Interoperability standardization framework (AFNeT)
Jean-Yves Delaunay (Airbus)

12H00 : Lunch
14H00 - 17H30 : Parallel tracks
Model-based engineering and manufacturing digital thread
(Part 1)

Moderator : Jean-Yves Delaunay (Airbus)
  • 14H00 : Structural Finite Element Analysis models and results Interoperability based on STEP AP209 - Albert Levy (Cimpa obo Airbus) & Jean-Marc Crepel (AFNeT)
  • 14H25 : Benefits of 3D GD&T semantic interoperability in the Digital thread: 3D MB Design, Manufacturing and Metrology - Pierre Duchier (CIMPA) & Lenin Sevilla Garcia (Safran)
  • 14H50 : Development of Electrical Harness Interoperability capabilities based on STEP AP242 ed2 - Sophie Herail (Cimpa obo Airbus)
  • 15H15 : Business value of CAx and xDM Implementer Forums for industry and PLM solution providers - Frédéric Darre (Cimpa obo Airbus) & Jean-Marc Crepel (AFNet)
Smart Manufacturing interoperability
Moderator : Joseph Briant (Schneider)
  • AutomationML
  • Administration Shell
  • ISO-IEC Smart Manufacturing Standards Map
15H40 : Coffee Break
Model-based engineering and manufacturing digital thread
(Part 2)

Moderator : Jean-Yves Delaunay (Airbus)
  • 16H00 : Planned use of PDM and Configuration Management data exchange based on STEP AP242 - Frédéric Darre (Cimpa obo Airbus) & Jean-François Cugy (Dassault Aviation)
  • 16H25 : AP239 (PLCS) ed3: a key enabler to link Design and Manufacturing data with life cycle support - Yves Baudier (AFNeT)
  • 16H50 : Summary
PLM for Process Plants, Oil & Gas & Nuclear
Moderator : Christophe Mouton (EDF)
  • Last developments and perspectives around ISO 15926 - Yves Keraron (ISADEUS, animateur GT ISO 15926 commission AFNOR/CP IDMI)
  • Industrial data quality, Guide ISO 8000 – AFNOR FD Z68-050 - Anne Dourgnon (EDF R&D et Christophe MOUTON, EDF DIPNN, président commission AFNOR/CP IDMI)
17H30 : Vendors sessions
Dassault Systèmes

20H00 : Dinner - networking
Thursday 6th of June
8H30 : Welcome coffee
09H00 : Model-based System Engineering interoperability
Moderators : Yves Baudier (AFNeT) & JC. Tucoulou (AFIS)
  • 09:00 : Business needs for MBSE standards - Karl Devillières (MBSE for Aircraft Architecture and Integration Airbus)
  • 09:30 : Feedback on requirement exchange experiment - Yannick Laplume (Complex systems engineering SAFRAN)
  • 10:00 : Join the AFIS-AFNET collaboration on MBSE interoperability - Yves Baudier (PLM and Systems Engineering expert AFNeT)
  • 10:30 : Coffee break
  • 11:00 : Model Identity Card: a shared description of models for collaborating on system simulation - Mouadh Yagoubi (AMC project leader IRT SystemX)
  • 11:30 : How STEP AP243 (MoSSEC) supports Model-based collaboration - Adrian Murton (MoSSEC project leader Airbus)
  • 12:00 : Progress of standardisation work on Architecture Frameworks and Architecting - Jean-Luc Garnier (Systems Engineering and Architecting Director Thales)
  • 12:30 : SysML V2: the next step of system modelling - Yves Bernard (MBSE leader Airbus Defence and Space)
12H30 : Lunch
13H30 : The Digital Twins: Visions by key industries ?
Moderator : Jean Brangé (AFNeT)

15H30 : Vendors sessions

16H30 : Coffee break
16H45 : Closing Keynote
17H00 : Summary and next events
Pierre Faure (AFNeT)

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